Royalty Group Realty
1065 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC V6B 3M3

Why choosing SwiftRent Team as your property management company
• We guarantee to deliver the highest quality property management services to you.
• Our marketing and advertising plan will position your investment ahead of the competition, ensuring that your apartment is found before hundreds of others
• Our goal is to protect your property and Maximize your return on your investment
• The key to our success is Our property managers treat each property as if it were their own
• SwiftRent Team and its business partner, SwiftMaintenance, can provide a full service property management, 24/7 Emergency Restoration service and maintenance support at a cost savings to Homeowner's, Businesses and Association. SwiftMaintenance offer a variety of high-quality services at competitive prices (Please refer to the full list of SwiftMaintenance services)
• All of our property managers have expertise with building technology and property maintenance best-practices, delivering better service and better property management in a hands-on fashion
• Our property managers are licensed under the Real Estate Services Act of British Columbia

Full Property management services which are managed by SwiftRent
• Rental Value Assessment
• Marketing, Advertising & Social Networking
• Frequent Scheduled Showings
• Tenant Screening & Selection (including detailed application, verification of credit, employment, references, etc.)
• Security & Pet Deposit Collection
• Rent Collection
• Lease Renewals & Rent Increases
• Move In & Out Condition Reports
• Property Maintenance & Repairs
• Regular Property Inspections
• 24/7 Emergency Service
• Monthly & Annual Owner Statements
• Non-Resident Tax Co-ordination
• Strata & Insurance Liaison